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Sep 9, 2023
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Southern California
Hi All!

The last time I posted pics it was for batches 8, 9, 11, 12! I've been steadily making soap now since early September and just finished batch 24! All small loafs, and I'm partially driven by the huge response from family and friends who keep telling me they want my soap! (the other part is that I just absolutely love making soap!). Only the first couple batches are actually ready to hand out, so they're going to have to wait a bit longer!!! Just recently I started wanting to try different soaping design techniques and boy, if I wasn't hooked before (which I was), I sure am now!! I completely flopped the One Pot Wonder but learned a lot in the process and tried it a few times until it started to look something like a One Pot Wonder! Then I decided to try the Splash Swirl Technique (my last two batches), and again I flopped the first one but tried again. The last one is starting too look like it could be a Splash Swirl Technique. Love the flops and learning in the process. There are many subtle nuances, that I can see are only picked up with experience, that can make all the difference! For me, learning about the variations in batter viscosity is huge. The other one that I'm also learning is just the fragrance part of soaping. I do not have a particularly good sniffer, never have. So I am constantly asking anyone who comes over to smell my soaps and give feedback (in addition to overall look).

Thank you all for the great support, feedback, and wisdom from this amazing forum!
Here's the soaps! Happy Soaping Everyone!!!
Those look fantastic, Michael. That last one on the bottom left right is a great splash swirl, you should have entered the last challenge! I really like your color sense. ETA: crossposted with @AliOop. Everyone loves your colors!

ETA: It's sad when you're 61 and you still can't tell your left from your right.
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Thank you for the kind comments @AliOop and @not_ally ! I actually spend some time thinking about the colors and the order that I'm going to work with them. I try to visualize in my mind how the colors will look together. This is new for me, which is why it takes me some time to come up with a color scheme. Great fun!
Wow! Look at you go! The movement in your blue one on the bottom row is especially cool looking, and I appreciate your willingness to try a technique more than once to get comfortable with it. I really think you should give one of the monthly challenges a try. Doing challenges really helps me progress as a soap maker, and they are a lot of fun. It also helps me focus on one technique or aspect of soap making because I can easily succumb to analysis paralysis with unlimited choices of techniques and colors and fragrance and, and, and...
Thanks so much everyone for the very nice comments! I'm thinking that I will try my hand at the next monthly soaping challenge. It seems like a great way to learn and improve, and I think I'm finally at the point where I've got enough of the basics down that I can enter the challenge! ...Still going to be working on both the One Pot Wonder and the Splash Swirl techniques and have been thinking about ways to improve my technique. Again, thank you everyone for the kind comments and hope you all have a great day! Happy Soaping!!!