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mary cagle

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May 21, 2024
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Hey Y'all, just found this forum a couple weeks ago. How thrilled I was to see some of the questions I have had being answered. My husband and I really enjoy making soap. Looking forward to learning more and getting ready for a hot humid summer to soap in . Have a question, does this soap have soda ash? I washed each bar off and it cleared off the whitish look it had even after they dried.
Welcome to the forum. It is hard to say if there is soda ash from the pictures. Soda ash is mostly cosmetic, it really only affects the looks of the soap. I love your swirls.
Thank you for the welcome, and for the information about soda ash. I'm so glad you like the swirls.

Welcome! This is a fun place to be and a wealth of information. Your soap is pretty! Every month there is a soap challenge. You and your husband might enjoy that.
Thank you for the welcome 😀. That sounds like fun and a great learning opportunity too.

Welcome! Beautiful soaps! 😍
Thank you so much!

Welcome! Beautiful soaps! 😍
I posted a hanger swirl just for fun and feedback but I'm learning how to place things in threads. I could have sworn I was in the thread for hanger swirls but not the Entry thread. Well, I was wrong and put it in the wrong place. How do I remove it? So sorry

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