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Apr 5, 2013
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Is there a way to keep m&p soap kept out at room temp. from sweating? OMG the soap turns into a sweating slimy mess! Is there anything I can spritz on it or an ingredient I can add to keep this from happening?

What brand base are you using? Are you using it just as it comes, ie; not adding anything? Where are you located/what are the temps and humidity? Wondering b/c my mp does not sweat at all, even when it is hot (I'm in LA), so wondering if there is something else going on.
Well, from my memory of visits to Chicago it seems like it can humid in the summer but generally isn't, do you see the sweating all year or just summer times? LA is generally pretty temperate, and even when hot is not usually that humid. I use SFIC bases for MP, and usually add 1 tspn of castor, 1 tspn of OO, and 1 tspn of Dr. Bronners liquid soap per lb of base. Even with those additives, I do not get any sweating at any time. So - just guessing - either it is a humidity thing (have you tried keeping a fan on them to see if it helps dry them out?) or the base, or a combo. Sorry that is not that helpful, it must be a pain to have to deal w/this. Can you try other bases, or do you have huge amts of Soapers Choice to get through?
Glycerin attracts moisture from the atmosphere. If it is setting out you might want to wipe it off good and seal it up in shrink wrap or plastic bags.

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