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Mar 19, 2007
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Southern Virginia
When I get to the part that says let your lye solution cool while you are melting your fats. Can I just pour the hot lye solution right on the unmelted fats and let the heat of the lye do the melting? :wink:
I was wondering that too! Anybody tried this?!?! I might just try it, unless someone says something drastic will happen.
I'm still just figuring out the very basics of soap making. I've made a few melt and pour batches and then just made my first cold process batch the other day, so I can't be of any help.
YES you can. It's referred to as RTCP or CPRT. It's cold process room temp. The heat of the lye water will melt your oils and ideally bring the mixture to an ideal temp.

It's not foolproof however, and sometimes it's too hot or too cool. If you have a lot of solid oils in your recipe, you should try to melt some of those down. On the flip, if you have a lot of liquid oils, you should allow your lye to cool. There are so many variables when making soap. Some people like to soap at cooler temps, some higher. You have to find out what works best for you and your recipe.

I'm not the best soaper to take advice from if you are a newbie. I've done this so long, that I just do it and never fail. But, I know what to anticipate. Some people hate doing RT, they say their batches always turn out bad. I never do anything but RT. And I never have batches fail.

Just try it and see how it works out! Good luck!

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