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Jan 7, 2021
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My son plays video games with people all over the country and Canada. He showed them my soap curing shelves, and they wanted to buy some. I don't sell soap and I have too much,so I told them I'm glad to ship them some if they pay the shipping cost. What is the most cost effective way to mail soap? I put some in a flat rate small box- it was about $10. Is it cheaper to mail them in a padded envelope or how do y'all do this. Shipping tips (and cost) to Canada appreciated.
Sign up for a free account at The program will allow you to compare the different shipping rates for the weight and size of your items. You can switch between flat rate, padded envelope, Priority Mail, and even UPS to find the lowest rates possible.

Then simply print the label and tape it to your box/envelope. Even better, you can schedule pickups at your home, or just put it out for the mail carrier to pick up if you don't have a problem with package thieves.

You can also order free shipping supplies from, including padded envelopes, priority mail boxes, etc. Your mail carrier will deliver them to your home.
If shipping from the US to Canada, do NOT use any shipper other than USPS. You'll be charged brokerage fees that can far exceed the cost of the actual shipping. What's just as bad is you won't know the amount of the brokerage fees until after you ship the item.

USPS first class international is the most cost effective way I've found to ship internationally as long as the package doesn't weigh over 4 pounds.