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May 18, 2022
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Oakville, Ontario

My basic soap recipe is

Water - 84.60g
Lye - 57.07g
Oils - 410g

Additive 4.1g citric acid and additional 2.3g Lye

Superfat 7%
Water/lye ratio 1.5:1

I want to add 30g of seamoss gel .. so roughly it 2.5g dried seamoss itself and 27.5g Distilled water and probably add it to the oils after it melted and cool down a bit

So do I have to reduce the water from my soap recipe by 27.5g because of the water i already have from the seamoss gel?
You don’t have to reduce the water if you don’t want to do that. The additional water used to hydrate your sea moss gel will bring you to just under a 2:1 water:lye ratio, or 33% lye concentration. That’s a very normal amount of water for a CP soap.

Please note that if you do reduce the water, you can’t go lower than the weight of the lye. Your recipe calls for a total of 59.37g of lye. Thus, you cannot use less than 59.37g of water to dissolve that amount of lye.

You will also need some additional water to dissolve your citric acid. Given that scenario, I wouldn’t reduce your water unless you are very comfortable working with tight margins for error.
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