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ok I just bid, won and paid for this item.

But I was trying to think outside the box a little bit and was looking for an inexpensive scoop for my bath salts and other bath type powders. When I saw these.

Well actually the last time the seller had them listed I was outbid at the last minute. But it was worth it because I got a darn good deal this time. The seller lists one lot at a time, and when that's up they list more. So if you are interested check em out. They have really good feedback, but I haven't received the item yet, since I just won a few minutes ago.
The sellers ID is red-boys

But they are chinese soup spoons of all things.
They measure 4 1/2 inches long and they are 1 1/2 inches wide at the bowl part of the spoon.

I was the second bid and got 500 of them for $19.50 (with free shipping I might add.) That's only 4 cents each !!!


So does this seem like a good idea or a bad idea....... And if you don't like it please say so...... I won't be offended.

I guess if they don't work out I can always re-sell them on ebay or let the kids use them in the sandbox this summer.

EDITED : to add product recived
and to post pictures

I put it next to my cell phone so you can compare size.

I did use my trusty dremmel tool and put a hole in the handle so I could thread a ribbon through it to hang it from the bottle top. It just slips over the top. Or if the buyer wanted they could cut off the ribbon and put the spoon inside once it empties out some. The jar shown is my personal oatmeal & milk bath (scented with bubble gum cause the kids use it as well) and contains 80% colloidal oatmeal and milk!!!

Shown in a jar that is 30 fluid ounces and is 6 inches tall.

It is certainly a unique idea. It's hard to tell the size from the picture, but are you thinking of attaching them to jars of bath salts then?
I have never understood why someone needs a scoop. It is excessive packaging. I think a lot of people are really beginning to think about excessive packaging now with all of the global warming being so much more obvious at this time.

I am not saying this to be rude. You did get a great deal & they look elegant for the purpose. I am just giving you a point of view you may not have thought about.

To be fair, from time to time I excessively package my items too. It does make them more appealing to the eye so I don't want you to think I am being a hypocrite, I am just playing devils advocate.
Yes exactly to tie with a pretty ribbon to the side of the bath salts jar that I have and plan on using. (Plus when I need more my source has more of them.) To make them more appealing..........

The jar that I plan on using is a clear plastic jar and is about a half inch taller than the spoon.

But I also agree, with you Tabitha as well on watching our global situation as well.

But a little eye candy doesn't hurt either to add a bit of color to add a little appeal. Plus the price also made a big difference as well. I wouldn't have paid a lot to add a little extra touch. And often eye appeal is what attracts buyers as well. So a person needs to do it as cheap as possible.

Plus I'm going to begin selling my 'stuff' at a local craft store in our little home town, so I also want appeal to the them as well.
I can't wait to get them. From the measurments given by the seller they seem like they will be a nice size. And now just to go shopping for some pretty ribbons !!!! LOL

Plus the price is right as well. So that helps.
And I hope a cute packaging makes it sell better as well.
I like them they are funky and original! It would be kewl also if your bath salts were in packages and you insert the spoon and close up the package. No need to tie anything or worry about the spoons getting lost. Just a thought
pepperi27 said:
I like them they are funky and original! It would be kewl also if your bath salts were in packages and you insert the spoon and close up the package. No need to tie anything or worry about the spoons getting lost. Just a thought

Good Idea Pepper !!!!

Will have to work on that one as well !!!!
I love them!! Even though it may seem excessive packaging they are made of hard melamine and are reusable. You can keep them for years.
Hey those scoops are a great idea! Scoops mean product will not become contaminated by nasty fingers -- Way to go! I am going to check it out -- Heck, after the product is gone, they can use it to eat some soup - dual uses, I think!

Reusing the spoons is a good idea, but probably not for food. I am not positive about melamine, but it is a plastic & fragrance oils & essential oils permeate plastic rendering them non-food safe.
These ones are plastic, but for the price I paid, just toss them out or reuse them if you refill the container for bath salts.

I'll post some picts but they work dandy as a scoop, just the right size !!!