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Dec 21, 2006
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Inspired by the money saving grocery thread, who has got money saving recipes to share?
Show up at the neighbors out door grill with a cheap bottle of wine. :wink:

Instead of ice cream, we make slushies with fruit juice from the cans of fruit we buy. (I never buy fruit in heavy syrup) I have a container I dump the juice in instead of down the drain.

Oh and we don't buy syrup anymore, we've been using peanut butter on our waffles. We always have peanut butter.

Those are kind of like recipes, right? :lol:
Did you want the recipes posted here? Is it possible to add a "Smf's chefs section?" so that it's not confused with the soap recipe's.
I could just see me now omitting cornstarch for lye.. ohh my! :shock:


Munky :)
Watermelon, it is not exactly a recipe but if you buy a watermelon & chunk it up right away, you munch on it all week. It's healthy, cool (keep in the fridge) and inexpensive. It is high in sugar though so watch out if you are a diabetic.
Fried rice is a good one, because you can add whatever veggies you like. You can add meat or not. You can add eggs for protein. Cheap protein. I often cook alot of rice and freeze it for the next time or two. I love it.

LOL.... woot!!!!! look what's here :)
I'm a happy camper now,thank you to whoever made this section available.I appreciate it :)

Munky :)

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