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Jan 25, 2008
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Columbia, South Carolina
Made my first batch of room temp cold process, it was easy to do and the eo's seem to hold up much better. Hope it works as well for me in the future and not just beginners luck. Thank you all for your knowledge and your willingness to share it with others. As soon as I get my computer back at the house, I will share what I have made to remove soap from PVC pipe. I have done 4 or 5 batches and they all have come out looking great. Stay tune!!!!
Hi michael, saw your post and that sounds awesome!!! Glad you liked the process. It's pretty awesome isn't it....

is your last name seay? I went to school overseas and a girl in my compound had that last name so it naturally caught my attention..... Just thought i would ask...... We were in Indoneisa in the 80's.
Not a problem Michael! I have been doing CP this way for at least the past year and have gotten many hooked onto the Soapmaker Man way of RTCP and using aloe vera juice in place of water. :wink: 8) :)
Somehow 14th Street Soap just doesn't sound as cool as yours..... :shock:

Great Thinking !!!!
Um...isn't that a way Porn Stars get their names? The name of the first street you lived on for your last name and the name of your first pet for your first name?

hahahahahahah sorry...too much coffee

BTW I would be Darvy Colorado :shock:
dragonfly princess said:
Um...isn't that a way Porn Stars get their names? The name of the first street you lived on for your last name and the name of your first pet for your first name?

hahahahahahah sorry...too much coffee

BTW I would be Darvy Colorado :shock:

Oh sure make me think at this hour in the morning....
I'd be ok lets see first street I lived on.... Well I always lived out in the country till we moved to Indo, but then it was to a compound Pejatan (sp) and my very first dog was Christy but my parents changed it to Susie cause the dog felt punished every time my mom scolded me....

So I'd go with Susie Pejatan :roll: :roll: :roll:
I don't think i'd make it very start in the adult industry with a name like that.
I have been searching for the original information on making RTCP soap, but I have not been able to find it. I have only been able to search back to Aug. 2007.
After reading so much about this, I want to try it but have so many unanswered questions. Could someone post a link to the thread that started all this.
The recipe that I have used for years is the following:
24 oz. coconut oil
38 oz. crisco
24 oz. olive oil
12 oz. lye
32 oz. water
This yields about 24 bars of soap. I would like to make half batches so I can practice swirling, so do I blend all the above oils, put in a container for later use. Mix all the lye and water, put in another container for later use, then when I am ready to make soap do I weigh out 43 ounces (which is half of the original mixture) of my oil mixture, weigh out 22 ounces of the lye and water (which is half of the original mixture) then proceed with mixing the two together that are now at room temp.

So now I can make two half batches, right?
I don't premix my lye/liquid in batches like paul because I have small children in the house. And two are special needs and one has severe ADHD and I can't take the risk of him getting into it. So I just premix the lye i'm going to use each batch at a time. So I can't help you there on figuring your premade lye/liquid out but maybe Paul or one of the others can.

But I do the RTCP soaps, (thanks to Paul)

However I was looking at your recipe, and the numbers on your recipe. I'm not sure if your aware but it may be a softer bar of soap becuase your hardness number is 38 but i say may because soap calc doesn't take into consideration that olive oil is also a hard oil, but i say may because you do have a lot of crisco in your recipe.

It's not going to be very cleansing with a number of 19. I have found that this number does make a difference. And you do want at least 20.

Your conditioning number is good at 57.

Your bubbly lather and creamy lather are a little low as well. This is due to the high amounts of crisco and you don't have any castor oil in your recipe.

Can you get a bit of castor oil. This can be found in wal-mart and grocery stores in the laxative section. It comes in a fairly small bottle usually 3-6 ounces. A little castor oil makes a huge difference, and usually about 8% does it.

Or do you have other oils to use? If so post them back here and we can help get you set up with a recipe that might work better if you want.
Gee! Thanks so much. I have caster oil but didn't know how much of it to use. I figured if I used that I would have to change some of the other oils and I don't know how to do that. I can get whatever oils I will need.
ok i've gone to soapcalc and tweaked the numbers just a little bit.

How does this sound to you keeping your 86 ounce total
Coconut Oil 33% (28 ounces)
Crisco 44% (37.84 ounces)
Olive Oil 18% (15 ounces)
Castor Oil 5% (4 ounces)

Liquid 33 ounces
Lye 12 ounces

but i was able to tweak your numbers,
hardness from 38 to 40
cleansing 19 to 22
conditioning 57 to 54
Bubbly Lather from 19 to 27
Creamy Lather from 19 to 23

Personally when I use crisco i like to add a little lard just because lard is harder than crisco. But that's just me.

But how do those numbers grab ya instead. It will be a bar that is nice and hard, cleans well, conditions but has good bubbly and creamy lathers.
That was quick. It sounds okay but I don't have a digital scale so I am not sure about the partial ounces. I'm afraid I won't be able to make this without the proper scales. I have lard and used it the other day in place of the crisco. It turned out okay, but I think it is going to become rancid.
Coconut Oil 33% (28 ounces)
Crisco 44% (38 ounces)
Olive Oil 18% (15 ounces)
Castor Oil 5% (4 ounces)

Liquid 33 ounces
Lye 12 ounces

oopes sorry i rounded them all up except for that one.

yeah might be best to leave the lard out of this recipe, but if you get more it's nice to add to help harden the soap since it's harder than crisco

yes a good accurate scale is very important in soap making.

My mom uses an antique scale (literally an antique) and even though it's old it's still accurate and works great for making soap. But for mothers day i'm going to get her a digital one, thanks to dragonfly :lol: for suggeting one.
Thanks. My scales are old too but do a good job. I have been making soap almost eleven years, but have never tried any other recipe. I just change the color and fragrance and sometimes add in some oatmeal, honey, milk, etc.

Now I need to know if I just cut all these measurements in half to make a half batch?
Hi Jean! August of 2007 is when I joined this forum and that is why nothing shows up before that. :lol: Faithy has adopted my RTCP method even better than I can explain it. :wink: Looks like she has done a great job helping you. If you need help understanding 50% lye solution that is premade and how I reduce it in the soap pot down to a 30 to 33% solution, just shout out! Welcome to our forum! :D

Hi Paul, nice to meet you. Yes, I definitely need help with this. I am so confused. I may have to give this a rest and get back on this tomorrow. I think my brain is experiencing "overload".

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