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Well, at 1st my husband was quick to let me know we had enough animals. And I disagreed. LOL But the same day, I came down with what i think is a bad case of the Flu. I have been in bed (except for quick trips to the bathroom) for a week straight...chills, fever, vomiting, migrain and sever body pain. No fun. And started to think...since Hubby was so overwhelmed with the 3 kids and 4 animals we already have...we should take him to the shelter. But when I brought it up...he threw a fit...literally. LOL So, looks like he'll be staying. Which is fine with me...but Hubby had to agree to no more complaining. He needed a week in my shoes anyway! HA HA
awww well glad the kitty found a safe and loving home!

:) heartwarming :)

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