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Jun 28, 2016
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Is my logic correct here?

I want to use citric acid both as a chelator and as a means of achieving free fatty acid superfat (3% per oil weight of CA, 3% superfat desired).


100g CO
100g OO

49.7g KOH
149g h2o

This makes a 0% superfat LS.

3% of 200g = 6g citric acid
9.35g KOH per 10g CA = 5.61g extra* KOH for 6g CA

*BUT, we don't want those two to completely neutralize eachother, so we need to detract some KOH. Setting the soapee calc to 3% superfat tells me 48.2g KOH is needed to achieve that.

49.7 - 48.2 = 1.5
5.61 - 1.5= 4.11g extra KOH

Proposed final recipe:

100g CO
100g OO

53.81g KOH
149g h2o

+ 6g CA added...after dilution (I'm completely clueless regarding when to add it)?
A drawback that came to mind: Tongue test won't work, theoretically I'll feel a zap even after saponification is complete. A clarity test should suffice to determine if saponification is done, yes?

I mixed up a batch of the proposed recipe, cold process, by also adding 5g of grated soap.

Got to paste stage faster than with cooking, heh.
If I'm following correctly, what you might need to know is that all the citric acid you use will end of as potassium citrate. If you add it at the beginning it will react with KOH and effectively increase your lye discount. If you add it at the end and there's no lye excess, it will convert some of your soap to potassium citrate and free fatty acids.

In no case will you know the superfat percentage because the real SAP values of your oils and the caustic strength are uncertain and can vary considerably.
Well yeah, every time we aim for a percentage we're talking averages, aren't we?

Edit: For some reason I can't really get a zap going (right after reaching paste), which is weird, considering the "huge" lye excess in it. 7.5% lye excess, to be precise... unless my math is wrong :think:.

Edited edit: How many peeps have attempted diluting LS without heat and can maybe share some experience? I've attached 2 images below, both from the same paste, both roughly the same dilution rate (25% paste). The big jar on the right is cold dilution, the left was with heat. Containers aren't identical but I'll be damned, the cold diluted one seems clearer.

It took about a day to dissolve on its own.


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