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Feb 16, 2015
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I made a CP tea tree soap that came out dry and crumbly immediately from the mold. When I rebatch it, will I lose the scent or do I need to add more? I made the soap specifically to have a strong scent. Also since I apparently screwed up on my measurements, is there anything I need to add to counter the dryness?

What was the recipe, what did you miss from the original one?
If it's one of oils and if you can't remember which one it will be hard to fix it as the soap is most likely lye heavy.
If it's just liquid, you can definitely add more to help soap cook.
Some of the fragrance will evaporate (depending on the flashpoint). You can always add it back after cooking is finished.
I don't know what I missed or screwed up in the recipe. I believe the temp was too high when I missed the oil and lye. ImageUploadedBySoap Making1433990775.517902.jpg. This is the recipe.
Then you probably didn't miss anything. There's a large % of both CO and OO, you would probably realise any of them is missing because batch would look small.
Did it gel? My recipe turns this funny, crumbly texture when not gelled.
Maybe it's just one of those weird batches. Rebatching might help with the texture.
I'm not sure if it gelled. Once I hit trace, I put it in the mold, wrapped it in several think towels and didn't check it for 24 hours. Next time I will check.