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Mar 20, 2013
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My husband got me a Raspberry Pi, So, I'm considering creating a scale that works in the following way:

1. On the display, you choose your SF percentage,
2. You select your oil.
3. Add your oil to container on scale.
4. Computer remembers oil weight
5. Computer calculates lye and water rate
6. Zero scale
7. Select second oil
8. Add oil to container on scale
9. Computer calculates lye and water rate
10. Computer adds together results for water and lye from step 5
11. Computer saves step 10.
12. Repeat steps 6-9
13. Computer adds results from step 12 and step 10.

I am considering a database for a fragrance calculator to go along with it, but with the thousands of fragrance oils available, it seems like extensive work that will take the multitudes.

I'd like to make it open source, but the liability seems immense.

I'm looking for a software programmer who's interested in soap to help.. any suggestions would be awesome, too!

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