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  1. Kila

    What unit of weight* do you work with?

    This might be a really dumb question sorry in advance... 1. Do you use fluid ounces (versus regular ounces) when making soap? 2. Do you work with ounces or grams? I would like to work in grams but my scale doesnt show the decimal points (ie. 120.2 g) instead it would just show 120 grams. Would...
  2. S

    Large Equipment Soaps and Candles North Carolina

    Hello I lost everything to Hurricane Florence last September. We have to rebuild a workshop. I am looking for used equipment for soaps and candles near Jacksonville NC. Can text pictures and questions 910 467 1488 Anyone destashing? Pass the word if you know someone. Thank you. Sonya lye...
  3. S

    Raspberry pi scale/lye calculator combo

    My husband got me a Raspberry Pi, So, I'm considering creating a scale that works in the following way: 1. On the display, you choose your SF percentage, 2. You select your oil. 3. Add your oil to container on scale. 4. Computer remembers oil weight 5. Computer calculates lye and water...
  4. M

    can the battery dying in scale effect accuracy?

    hello, two nights a go i made a facial soap with activated charcoal powder. i made 4lbs of soap and used 1 and a half tablespoons of charcoal powder. i used my handy digital kitchen scale to make sure everything was measured properly. i unmolded and cut the soap today and it seems a tad...