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Mar 18, 2015
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I made this soap in light of today's tragic event. It's not perfect and the layers aren't straight but that's ok. It won't be for sale. It was just to help me reflect. It's just for me. Or my family if they want. I was so anxious to cut it, it was still hot when I did. I did a steep water discount.

My brother lives in Orlando so this hit pretty close to home for me. He's ok and wasn't in that area. ImageUploadedBySoap Making1465775196.378405.jpgImageUploadedBySoap Making1465775212.014132.jpg
Thanks for this Galaxy...a bunch of young people,kids really, out on a Saturday night just looking to be themselves...my heart goes out to everyone whose life has been altered by such an event.
I am thankful your brother is okay. In the words of Rodney King - "Can't we just all get along?"
It is just so sad to me. I fist saw the report this morning and I thought it was some hoax or a severe exaggeration. I didn't want to believe something like that could happen in 2016.
I'm still just reeling from it. I had posted a message on Facebook about the tragic and senseless shooting death of a vibrant young singer in Orlando on Friday night, then learned about the massacre this morning when I logged onto my FB account. It left me with an irrational sense of helplessness and hopelessness. I have a hermit-like personality to begin with, but this just makes me want to crawl inside of myself even more and shut the door on the world. I want to live in a cave and have everything delivered to me.
Unfortunately I feel there aren't truly any safe zones; schools, movie theaters, company parties, and on and on and on... It's sad to think that way.

Your soap is beautiful Galaxy, and making it gave you time to quiet your mind. I'm thankful for you that your brother is ok.

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