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  1. sirtim100

    Marseille/Castille soap (with seawater) help and suggestions

    Hello all I live in North East Spain, so two ingredients that are easy to obtain are good olive oil and seawater. It's an embarassment of riches, so I'm thinking of making a Castille/Marseille type soap. I made some before but this time I want to make it with seawater. It'll have to be CP...
  2. N

    Newbie alert!! Dr bronners diy for shampoo??? Help I'm so confused

    Hi, I'm new to soap making and I'm really confused whats the best way to make liquid soap for shampoo? I'm told the bars don't work as good! In just changing from store bought shampoo as I'm having alot of hair loss! Of seem the Dr bronners and wanted to make my own? Does anyone have a basic...
  3. L

    Questions before 1st liquid castille attempt

    Hi to everyone, After many hours of reading the liquid soap forum i think i'm ready to give it a try for my first liquid soap. I have many experience in cp soap bars, but this seems like a new world to me and i feel as anxious as my first cp attempt! :) I've read so many information, that i...
  4. BattleGnome

    first castille

    I just made my first castille today and I'm super proud. Castille has been high on my list of "want to make" (pretty much since I decided to give CP a try) and today was the day to take the plunge. 10" silicone mold 24oz evoo (cheapest at the store) 4tsp sodium lactate 9.21oz water 3oz lye...
  5. L

    My First Castile!

    I made Castile soap for the first time this week. I used 100% olive oil, distilled water and NaOH and nothing else. It is so pretty and creamy looking. After reading suggestions about making it, I decided to: 1) use a 2:1 water to lye ratio 2) soap at 110 degrees F It actually only took 12...
  6. S

    Advice please......

    I was thinking about making a Castille batch (my first) and was wondering if a pomace/evoo blend would be ok to use cos thats all I've got at the moment?