Question?? Powdered milk.

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Aug 1, 2015
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Fairmont, WV
Can powdered butter milk or powdered goats milk be added to ANY recipe for benefits to the skin? I've seen it added to CP after soap has reached trace, but never seen it added to HP at all. I want to make HP beer soap and add some powdered buttermilk to it just for fun. Will it hurt anything and how much would you add? Thanks!!
Sure, I use powdered milks in HP all the time. I mix it with just enough water to fully dissolve it, then deduct that amount of water from my lye water. I stick blend the milk into my oils before adding the lye. Beware, milk often causes severe separation about 20 minutes into the cook, but it will eventually come back together.
I should add, I've never combined beer and milk in the same soap. That's a lot of sugar. Keep the heat low and watch it like a hawk.
yes i have herd that the sugars and carbonation (even though you let the beer go flat) can cause it to erupt. been searching for a good fragrance oil. hard job. No one says they are any good. BB said theirs isn't supposed to smell like beer, so whats a girl to do??
I've had the best luck with dissolving the milk powder in water and letting the mixture sit for a bit before adding it to the oils. The time I mixed the dry powder directly into my oils, the finished soap had an odd gritty texture that was probably some of the milk powder that didn't dissolve properly. I also strain the milk mixture when adding it to the soap to remove any lumps. Learned that one the hard way too.
I've made soap the last three days. I may need a day off. I'll post them when I get anything. Thanks for all the praise and support.

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