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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
i made a batch last week with pumice (the crazy siezed batch). I added pumice and one thing i noticed was it seemed to clump a little bit. i stirred and stirred as much as i could and it seems to have incorporated, but i guess i'll find out when i use.

my question is, could you add the pumice to the oils before adding the lye so you can make sure it incorporates well? the lye isn't going to eat the pumice, right? :oops:
I've only used Pumice once and I mixed it into the oils before the lye was added. This way worked out fine. The only thing I saw was it will dull your stick blender's blade. I've made a bunch of soap since with stick blender and it didnt seem to hurt it. The Pumice soap came out well with the pumice equally distributed through out.
Could you not add it to the batter before trace and wisk like you do when making Salt Soap? Never tried pumice, so wouldn't know for sure..... :cry:

Just a suggestion.

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