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Hey all..
Me and the kids are trapped in a very bad storm right now...
Im close to the Sierras.. the wind is reaching almost 100mph here includes rain.. the wind sounds like thunder.. and a very bad ghost that wont go away..

Power is on and off at this point. The kids school was shut down, and I called in to work.. although all my officers were called in for emergencies..

The roads were blocked with trees this morning, and street lights were out. Im just concerned about this creek I live by, for potential floodings.. so its ok.. they are watching it, but concerned about flooding.

if it floods.. me and the kids will have to evacuate. I look outside my window.. and thats the creek.. thats how close we are to it..

We are ok so far.. but pray for us. My kids dont seem to be shaken up.. just when the lights flicker. The phones are not that great, but works for right now, and the internet seems to be doing ok.. I have wireless..

Here is where you can reach about it. Im right in the middle of it. ... enter_news

We made it through ok. The creek is going to be fine. We lost power for a while, and then the phone lines were down for a few hours.. but I still had my cell phone. Alot of damage outside to our trees, and alot of wires on the ground... the complex told us to stay indoors if we can until SMUD can come out and get the wires.. cause they are dangerously on the ground.
My brother in San Francisco, his car windows exploded out of his car due to the high wind. My mother lost her backyard fences and a tree nearly missed her neighboors house. I kept checking on my grandmother (81 yrs old) She was fine.
I know we are suppose to have more coming, I hope not like that.. That was a bit much for me. I live in California for a reason.
1. No Hurricanes
2. No Tornandos
3. No SNOW!
Dang, I swear that was a hurricane..

Can anyone say "G L O B A L W A R M I N G" our poor earth... *sigh*

Thanks everyone for the prayers!
I talked to my sister this morning and she said it was pretty bad there. She awoke to a large tree falling. She said that luckily it missed her house and car. Stay safe.
My thoughts are with you - we also are in Central CA - on the coastal part. Although we have a home in the sierras too -

I hope your family remains safe. You will be in our thoughts today.

:) Rachelle (roro)
Well..the power went out for a while.. buts seems to be ok. the creek :shock: getting quiet worried
Ditto we too are in a midst of a storm trucks have flipped over on interstate 84 very high winds indeed, we will tons of rain in the fallout hopefully we wont have major flooding :shock:

I do hope you are wearthering the storm and keeping your ground :lol:
We're having a storm here too, with horizontal snow. A tree blew over down the road from us. It is absolutely freezing out, humidity through the roof.

I hope you are ok, smelli. Please let us know as soon as you are able.
My goodness my dear friend! I'm just now reading this! Of course you and your 2 little children are in Phyllis and my thoughts and prayers! My Gods hand hide you and protect you. Stay safe and keep us informed!

((((HUGGS TO YOU)))))

Paul.. :wink:
My sister has been without power since 9:00 a.m. yesterday. She lost part of her fence too. Every house is damaged to some extent. Thankfully she has a cell phone. She had to charge it in her car. My parents back yard fence and gate blew down and windows were blown out of their home. My niece has no water or heat. BIL in Eldorado Hills has lost tons of trees with one missing the propane tank by inches. Boy howdy what a mess.

I've heard it is picking up again. Be safe.
I have been away from the forum for a couple of days, but will keep you all held up in prayer. k
Holy cow, my sister still does not have power. She called and let me know she was not happy about this and was now in a very bad mood. I listened while she just vented. Gosh I feel for her and wish I could do something to help her out.
400,000 people are still without power out here.. she is not alone. Fortunately.. i have had mine the whole time.

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