Pondering Promotion of Products: A Brainstorm of Sorts

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"aka Shannon" - Mom, Artist & Crafter
Feb 22, 2023
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San Diego, CA
In recent Internet drama (ie TikTok ban news)
and the struggle of being seen on Social media in a sea of algorithms
that favor Pay to Play over organic reach.

This has me pondering.
If TikTok, Facebook and Instagram went down tomorrow,
how would people find our products?

So, hence this brainstorm post.
I invite everyone to add to this collective brain dump of ideas,
no matter how old school or perhaps silly,
Of all the various ways you can drive people to your website.
Both online and offline.

And as a bonus, make them lifetime (repeat) customers.

I'll start...

- Paid media:
Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads

- Email Marketing
(with this however, you need a list of people who already know you, you are just "inviting" them back to buy more)

- Social Media:
(They are still relevant, so here they are) TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

- Radio-Based Advertising
(Okay, pricey, but you never know, depends on your local market)

- Billboards
(Again, could be super pricey, depends on your local market)

- Neighborhood Canvassing
(Put your flyer or business card on car windows at the local grocery store)

- Direct Mail
(If you can find an affordable service, this could work great. While someone may ignore your email, they are much more likely to touch and look at your postcard in their mailbox)

- Guest Blog Posting
(Yes, this one is a big pain if you hate to write. But it can drive traffic to your website)

- Start a Soap Club
(You've heard of being a Wine Club Member? Well, why not a Soap Club Member? :) Basically, people sign up to receive a curated selection of your soaps each 3 months; if you get enough sign-ups, this is almost guaranteed revenue each quarter.)

- Networking
Both in-person and on the internet. Soap related or just other crafters.

- Business Collaboration
Know a spa owner? A small craft store? A wine maker?
Offer to do a soap making demo.
or, give a special discount to their customers.
or, make wine soap with their wine... sell to their wine club members. (yes, I'm saving this one)

- Farmers Markets
Yes, yes. I know. We all know this is a must for many. But there are many, like me, who don't have the time for it.
If you have the time (and energy) for markets, just be sure it's worth your time and energy.

Yes, the dreaded Etsy. Love'em and hate'em.
My two cents, you can't beat the huge amount of relevant traffic they can bring to your brand.
But yes, it will cost you.
My advice, use Etsy as a tool for driving people to your website.
Drive them to buy with you, then sign-up for your email list, then keep them over on your website for sales.
At some point, you won't even need Etsy and their stupid fees.

- Publish a Book
Yes, this one might be a huge stretch for most. But, it is a tactic that does elevate your brand and bring you eyeballs.

- Host or Create Community Events
This could be super fun and worth-while.
Think church group, or school, or any other local community group.
Organize a fair type event that is for a cause, and sell your stuff there. Get your name out.

Whew, okay.
I'm sure I'll think of more.

Any ideas folks?
Remember, nothing is too weird or silly.
Even a spark of an idea might lead to a new marketing tactic that can work wonders.

- Shannon
@Winsome & Wicked Hi Shannon just saw your post ( am catching up). Lots of good ideas!! The soap club is my favorite. Some additional thoughts:
1. Go to city hall on the day real estate tax payments are due. Hand out small pocket sized free samples with a business card to everyone in line. By the time someone comes to chase you away you will have handed out lots of samples.
2. Bring small samples everywhere you go. Wear a big name tag that says “ask me about bubbles”. Be kind to everyone who comments. Give them a sample.
3. Same as above but have a friend with a cricut machine make you a t shirt that says “free samples of bubbles”. Keep a sense of humor and be kind. Again hand out samples
4. T-shirt that says “do you know what’s in your soap? Should spark conversations with an opportunity to hand out free samples.
5. Include free samples with every opportunity to tip
6. Bring samples to all of your appointments. Office workers, teachers, postal workers, etc. will love you.
Likely less costly to advertise this way than mailing.
I'd like to emphasize the importance of competitive analysis. Just as we learn from our mistakes, we should learn from others' success. Therefore, I recommend using this AdSpy tool to research what successful businesses are doing right in their ads on various platforms. It shows what's working for others in this industry. You can discover new tactics, trends, and then adapt them to your own strategy.
Also, consider leveraging partnerships with influencers. They can give your product exposure to their resilient audiences.