Our "daughter" so proud!

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Jul 17, 2007
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SW Missouri
Well here is our 2 year old ball of terror! Shianne has been a great 4th "kid" since Phyllis and I have been married. She is super spoiled!


Now that little gal would fit very nicely on my lap. Before I saw your picture, I was sitting in the chair today wishing I had a little furball like yours to cuddle. I have a girl and she is small as far as labs go but not small enough for my lap. My dd holds her in her lap, but not me.
What a doll baby! she is smaller than our dogs heads :lol: Don't they add so much to our lives!? k
She is beautiful, I love how soft they are. My parents had a boy named Teddy forever.

We have a doberman and then a min pin and I love how my min pin can go anywhere with me as opposed to the beast, lol.

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