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Feb 13, 2015
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So on the way to me is a fragrance oil to make some Christmas soap for my best friend's husband....supposedly the best in it's class until you read the fine print...yeppers, it's a fader.:?..Just an FYI the flashpoint is 200F so its not like gelling would cause it to least compared to this other scent that Im using up that doesn't survive gelling...again, the devil was in the details...all there in the fine print or in the reviews...
Anyway, I've heard that Obsidian puts stock in arrowroot powder as a additive to fix scents, I've heard of soaking clays and oatmeal in a problem fragrance...just wondering what you mavens might be able to add to the list of things to try to help me get this to its intended recipient still with a fragrance... Lord knows I've ordered enough of this fragrance to make it an experiment...!
Thank you all in advance!!
Arrowroot could help. It's a crap shoot for anything to make it stick though. I've tried kaolin, arrowroot, oats and its hit or miss. Especially any citrus.
I tried some arrowroot today on another fragrance oil....just to familiarize myself with it in advance of the arrival of the problem FO...Obsidian says she makes a paste with the arrowroot and the fragrance....well my recipe called for 6 ounces of fragrance and I didn't have enough arrowroot powder in the McCormicks bottle to make a slurry...I did order some in bulk to give it a try though...
I use roughly 1 tsp PPO arrowroot mixed with the FO. I don't know if mixing the two together actually does anything but I figured it can't hurt.
I deal with fading FOs in few ways;
- HP the soap (most likely won't help as some probably fade in contact with air).
- don't gel the soap
- chuck in CP few MP embeds heavily scented with FO (I did this as an experiment as there was 1kg of MP lying around unused, surprisingly it does seem that it worked a bit, or I'm just hoping it did)
- and last option which I often resort to, which is give up on using it in the bar soap and use whatever you have on stock in LS. LS saved me so many $$$ in fading and morphing FOs. We go through a lot (family of 5) and it's a great way of using so-so FOs.
- and test, test, test FOs before using in big batches... There's nothing worse than whipping up gorgeous loaf of soap and being stuck with the awful fragrance or no fragrance at all. I've learnt this the hard way.
Sorry to say I have never really found anything that keeps a fader from fading. I tried experimenting with a fragrance I have that is a fader and had 2 lbs of it. Nothing helped it. In lotion it goes

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