Ok, can't post a pic to save my life

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Jan 2, 2008
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I've tried a bunch of times now and it's not working. I've posted at various forums before, do not know what the dillio is. :(
when you press "post" theres a bar that says "Browse" you can upload the image there by selecting the file on your computer, or you can have it hosted by going here: http://www.imageshack.us/ and choosing to upload the file the same way from there (only it lets you pic your resolution-...size of pic)

hope that helps!!

If you want use this thread as a test thread for you to learn on !! we can always delete it when your done if you so wish...and you can use the "edit" button to fool around with it after you post too :)

also I want to draw your attention to the IMG button on the top right of the posting window...from there you can press the tag, insert an address of the image, and press the button again to close the tag :)

hope that helps!
there ya go!!!! (Applause!!)

see now all youve got to do if you want to enlarge it is on the image shack thing choose a larger image if youd like...I play around with it every time i post an image, I like using the 640x480 one :)
I'm a mod and can't figure our pic posting out. :oops: :lol: I use Photobucket. I've been using them for a few years now for online storage. If it weren't for that site.....no pics from Paul! :lol:

Paul :wink: