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Nov 1, 2007
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After always having had a sink in the garage studio, we are going to move and many of the homes don't have sinks or plumbing in the garage ( washer in the house ) so, how do you get around that? anyone else have that situation? Thanks for your thoughts!
Currently we use the kitchen as our utility sink or the hose outside. We have plans for an actual utility sink in the basement but that could be years away for us
My soaping space is in the basement, and I don't have a sink there. I keep a plastic tote next to me, scrape and wipe everything as clean as I can and put it in that. Carry it all up to the utility sink in the laundry area and wash there. While not perfect, it does force me to not let the soap 'stuff' pile up much before I wash it. I should say I make smaller batches (usually around 2.5-3 lbs) and I don't soap every day. So I usually clean everything up the day after I soap. The upside is it doesn't take long.
My soaping supplies are in the basement. I keep an empty rubbermade tub to carry stuff in - mold, fragrance, color, stick blender. But, generally, making soap means 5-10 trips up and down the stairs.

I SO SO covet a basement sink.
I don`t own a house, nor do I have a garage. But my hubby and I share a dream of having one.
Him - keep the car free of snow in winter - me - soaping in the summer!

Anyway... We live in a small appartement. No sorry, that is a lie. We live in a TINY appartement. It is 50m² or what would be (me thinks) equivalant to your 538ft². (please corect me if I am wrong)

So when soaping I usually had all my soapy supplies in two buckets. But I managed to finally find a square tub that fit perfectly under the kitchen table!

My kitchen table always have one of those tablecloths coated with wax, so it easy to wipe of spills etc. So it is easy to hide stuff underneath there.
The tub carries all my soaping supplies. Well, not fragrances and mica`s, those has a cabinet of their own (lucky things, like they had moved out of their parents house, getting a place of their own, lol)
The square tub holds my stickblender, spatulas, whisks, cups, oils, molds etc.
All in one place whilst being invisible to the nekkid eye.

Needless to say, when having breakfast we have to 1) either keep our feet to ourself or 2) push the tub a bit to the side.

Either way, it is invisible, out of the way, and I can just pull it out whenever I am making soap (after all the mealtimes are out of the way. Usually after dinner.)
Then I make soap and use the kitchen sink to keep my lyemixture safe while it cools, and to do the stickblending in.

Perhaps I was at no help at all, but at least I was able to pass some time whils waiting for the coffee-maker doing its business.
Also sink-less in my basement, I was doing some investigating and I think I remember an outdoor sink you could hook up with a garden hose. Maybe something temporary, but relatively inexpensive. With a little finagaling (sp?), maybe something you could use in your garage.
I also soap in my kitchen when all is cleared away. It does mean in the current flat that I had to carry up my equipment from the basement three stories below me! Was not great with no lift. So I understand wanting to have a "set aside" place for soaping, but with a bit of planning the kitchen is fine, if you can store your bits and bobs nearby
Another kitchen soaper chiming in. And like @MySoapyHeart my partner and I live in a 50sqm home. My dream is to one day have a house with a designated craft space. But for now, hallway storage and kitchen sink it is :)