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Dec 21, 2007
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Hello all! My name is Kristal and I am a newbie here and not quite so new to Bath and Body products, but new to the business of selling them and anything to do with CP and HP soapmaking. I am a single mother of four lovely chitlins ranging in ages from 16 to 1. I moved here three years ago from California, here being Louisiana and do not miss California one lick!
Welcome fellow californian

I moved from San Diego to Charleston a few years ago, I am in a love hate relationship with my new town. Since I am visually impaired, I find it hard getting around since I can't drive. The public transportation sucks here but, I love the southern charm here, family values etc.
Any way I just started making soap and have found a few projects I'd like to try. Has anyone found themselves wanting to try a dozen new things from sheer excitement?

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