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Jun 18, 2015
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Hi guys ive been new to soap making and have got to say is this a dangerously addictive hobby or what! Is it just me or does everyone elses kitchens and storage is piling up with oils and butters and moulds etc
My Hubby has been over seas for a little over 8 months now and within that time my father was diagnosed with cancer and died in my arms as i cared for him in the last few months of his life . Not having Hubby around and having to take care of my beloved father who i wish more than anything to care for all over again just to hold him in my arms and hand feed was truly one of the most trialling experiences in my life. It made me look into so many natural ways of living , after witnessing the amount of cancer patients in the hospital ward struck a curious cord in me brain . I couldnt understand how cancer had become so widespread i wanted to give my father a completly new (although it was too late ) more natural approach to living by feeding him completely organic and healthy foods and washing his body with only the good stuff . The soaping didnt start till after his death i figured it was a way of keeping my mind off things and keeping myself from sinking . And it was a wonderful new ray of light for me !
Sure everything started tasting like soap in our kitchen as i experimented and sure the kitchen was now becoming over filled with EO and FO , butters etc but i was determined and it was giving me happiness . Plus i honeschool my 3 boys so it was great way for teaching chemistry and they love it !!
Im not much of a good cook anymore my teenage son does most the cooking now and i just soap and make the house smell good lol
Im actually a cupping thereapist so when my clients come past for a good massage they purchase and request a batch of homemade soap or any other cosmetic i make like deodorant, shampoo and body butters made from completely local and organic ingredients!
This new love has comsummed my nights and i tend to sit up till late researching EO and holistic ways of healing . My son suffered from dermatitis on his scalp for years and i managed to create something which has stopped the itching completley and now my whole fam gets excited when they know im making a batch of new soap. I havent mastered or found the perfect recipe yet , actually i did do the perfect Goats milk and honey bar back when i first started but was silly and didnt record what i used :(
I have 1 bar of that perfect soap i made in the hope that i can find the recipe and redo it and everyone keeps asking for it lol
Ok sorry for the lengthy intro just thought id get in and make myself a little known to ya'll G'day from W.A (Western Australia)
Welcome. I'm new also. All I can say is keep at it. Glad the soapmaking has helped keep your mind busy.

Good job.
Welcome! And I've found that soap making is indeed therapeutic for the soul, don't ask me how I know. :)