Newbie: How do I use Cocoa Butter?

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Apr 19, 2008
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Hello! I just bought some 100% cocoa butter, and I'm wanting to make a lotion to prevent those stretch marks that I might get from being pregnant!
Any help on the topic would be appreciated! How would I get it to be a whipped or a spreadable consistency?
I would suggest making a solid lotion bar.

You melt the cocoa & mix it w/ the oils of your choice & pour into a mold or push-up type tube. When it becomes solid again you have a lotion bar.

If it is too firm melt it back down & ass more oil. If it's too soft melt it back down & add more cocoa butter.

It's kinda like a giant chap stick.
The push-up sticks Tabitha was talking about are great. They fit in your purse and you can apply the lotion on various body parts; your stomach for stretch marks, dry elbows, or your kids hands without having to get it on your hands if you don't want.
LOL about the type O!

Yes Ian,

There are the traditional oval twist up deodorant style sticks that range from 3/4 of an oz-3oz. You can get the ovals white of frosted w/ diff colored caps

There are also push up sticks that are round & actualy push up like the push-up ice cream treats. They come in 1 & 2oz sizes. You can get those clear or frosted, maybe white. twist-ups push-up tubes

You could get the the twist up tubes everywhere for about.60 cents 2-3 years ago. You could get the push-ups for under a buck too but now everyone wants close to $2.00 per tube :shock: .
I like the sound of a giant chap stick made of cocoa butter. I never thought it would be so easy to make yourself. Thanks.
I absolutely agree with the body butter idea! I started making it when I was pregnant with my first and I only got one stretch mark! Okay, maybe I just got lucky too, but still...and my advice to you is DON'T forget your butt!!!! :shock: :shock: No one will tell you when it starts to GROW like your tummy because they won't want to hurt your feelings. But trust me...IT GETS BIGGER TOO and you don't want stretch marks on your butt! (that's where I got a few too, but they faded afterwards which was lucky!)

:lol: :lol: :lol:

good luck with your pregnancy!

I'd add shea butter into your lotion bar/body butter too...just to give it a little extra oomph in the stretch mark prevention.

In the words of Katt Williams...Hey any real man knows stretch marks came from 1 of two things....

either you were big and got small, or you were small and got big!!

either way we @#*&^*!!!...

"you look so good..I love your stretch look like a tiger!...I like tigers!....showwww em your a tigerrrrrrrr show em what you can dooooooooo theeeeeeeeeeeeeYYYYRE GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRREAT!"


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