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Bitter Sweet Girl

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Mar 6, 2008
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Hi everyone.

I am very new to soap making. I started with melt and pour about 6 months ago, but my goal was to make CP soap since I am a vegetarian and completely against animal testing. Non animal testing brands are not very common in Portugal and we only find a few in stores, since most people don't care if they are tested in animals or not, so I wanted to make my own soap (and eventualy mu own bath products). I can also see many other advantages in making your own soap!
I just made my first CP batch last week after a lot of reading (here, books and other online research) and I am very excited about it :D I am planning to make more this weekend. I am addicted already!
I have been gathering some supplies from local stores, but some supplies are not very easy to find and when you find them they are really expensive. We don't have online supplies shops, so I find myself having to order from foreign countries, mostly from the UK and the US.

Soap making is also very good against stress. I am a PhD student and I like to take my mind off all the things I have to think about all day by doing something totally different! :)

Oh, and my name is Ana and I am 28 years old. :)
This forum has been a great help. Thanks. :D
Hello and welcome! You will find a wealth of valuable information here! :)
Hola Ana!

Welcome to the Forum! I'm glad that you are enjoying it here.'re not alone.....I'm portuguese too (me portuguese tambien) :)