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May 24, 2015
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Hi, I'm Anthony from Sydney, Australia.

Actually I just found some instructions online and I have made my first batch of soap, it's just drying out now, I did it last night, but I already know this is something I'll be doing now for a long time.

Hi Anthony,

It does become addicting. I've just ordered a new mold and told myself I wouldn't make another batch until it arrives. However ..... I am feeling that urge. lol.
I hope that you find many days of enjoyment.
Hi Anthony! Welcome to the board. As you continue to soap you will realize how great it is to come here and talk/read about soap. I notice friends and family members eyes start to glaze over when I start talking about soap. They enjoy the soap and can ask one question or make a remark about soap and off I go, talking about superfat, accelleration and ricing then I see a blank look on their face.
Soap making is such a fascinating hobby and has it's own language. The people on here speak the language and get your excitement.
Hi Anthony, Welcome. You will find that soap making is very addictive. You are lucky as there are some good soap making suppliers in OZ. Sometimes I order moulds and have them sent to my daughter who lives and works in Sydney. She kindly forwards them on to me. Our selections are limited in New Zealand and very pricey too. Im sure you are going to have loads of fun and loads of soap bars to enjoy. cheers from a KIWI -Helen