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Jan 3, 2008
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Hi my name is Ginger.

I have been making creams and soaping using others cp bases and rebatching them. I enjoy it and I am interested in learning to make my own bases in the future.

I have an online gift shop on Etsy and I am always busy making things. I like soaping it is a relaxing craft that always makes my house smell good.

I have been lurking around here for a coulpe of days and I have enjoyed all the good vibes around here between members.
Well hi there Ginger! We are soap nutty here for sure! We have a great time sharing, caring, even crying some times with/for each other, but we are so proud so many, like yourself, have been browsing and say the exact same thing; that everyone here is so friendly! We are different in that aspect than other places you might visit! :roll: :D

We enjoy meeting you and conversing with you! 8)

Enjoy our/your new home! :wink:

Paul... :D
Thank you for the nice welcome Paul. You are right this is a friendly place and I look forward to sharing in the fun.