New Feature: Inset Walls - Tall & Skinny Loaf Mold

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    We’re back from our SoapCon break with a brand new prototype, and a brand new feature: inset walls! Traditionally silicone has only been used as a liner on loaf molds, because it is usually too flimsy to withstand the weight of a full loaf of soap. The silicone invariably would buckle, resulting in very odd shaped bars of soap. MightyMolds changes all of that with the introduction of inset walls into silicone loaf molds. These molds have solid plates inset into the longer wall sections, significantly increasing the strength and resiliency of the mold.

    Furthermore, this mold is still 100% modular, showcasing a Mighty Multiplier that turns this single loaf mold into a double. The loaves release effortlessly, and the end result is some fine looking soap!

    Additionally, we'll be sending the winner of the Loaf Mold Design contest (dibbles) this mold as soon as we conclude our final tests on it.

    Video: Tall and Skinny Loaf Mold

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