New camer and a light box (Pics)

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Oct 18, 2007
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Talladega, Alabama
Hi Guys. I got a new camera for Christmas and made me a light box out of a cardboard box today. Here are a couple of pics.

I am going to do some better staged pics later.
Fancy! :)

I wish I didn't have to rely on my horrific cellphone cam. What camera did you get?
Soapmaker Man said:
Me too. :oops: There was a cool tutorial one of the guys posted the other day I want to build...need to find it again..


I actually posted a video walk through using PVC but what I did was after Christmas while throwing boxes away. I kept one. Cut windows out of 4 sides and draped a sheet over. Put some little lamps on each side and thats it.
Michelle1210 said:
your soap looks great> what size are your bars? the honey almond looks great, i love the smell of almond. one of my favorite scents.

They are between 4-5 oz. I make a Honey-Almond w/Oatmeal that is my favorite bar. Not my favorite FO but to use it is my fav.
Just a suggestion from someone who does this a lot...

You might try using quite a bit more light. The white sheet/cardboard box method does work incredibly well but you'll get much better results if you get some of those clip-on aluminum dish lamps with some daylight fluorescents. Aim for 100W per lamp, and try to use at least 3 (one on top, one on each side). The fluorescents are great because they won't throw nearly as much heat and the daylight spectrum works well with most point-and-shoot auto white balance settings.

Great start though...goodl uck!

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