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Jan 4, 2008
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I made soap yesterday! One Ace in town carried lye (shipping just kills, I was holdin' out til I found lye locally)


The recipe I used was this:
Castor Oil 2 oz
Coconut Oil 30 oz
Olive Oil 8 oz
Lye 6.2 oz (superfat of 10%)
Water 12 fluid ounces
Orange EO .5 ounces
Jasmine EO .5 ounces

The ones in front are from the Pringles Can, in the back I had to put the leftover into my coconut oil container, and it was a little harder to get out, so they're kinda lumpy

I'm looking forward to trying them out in a few weeks :)
Looks good!! Reminds me of a rack of biscuits that are ready to be popped into the oven. Then, take 'em out, drown them in sawmill gravy, and yummmm, yummmmm!! :D Dang, that makes me hungry :!: :!:
They look good but is there a reason why you used so much coconut oil without a counter balance to soften the skin.

When I ran it through soap cal,
your numbers came up as
Hard 62
Cleansing 50
Conditioning 29
Bubbly (lather) 55
Creamy (lather) 17

and the recommended averages number range should fall into the following. (Not written in stone mind you, but just recommended numbers)
Hardness : 36 - 50
Cleansing : 14 - 22
Conditioning : 45 - 80
Bubbly (lather) : 14 - 33
Creamy (lather) : 16 - 35

So what it boils down to it might be a nice hard bar of soap it may also be a little harsh on the skin. Because of the high coconut oil amount and your low conditioning number.

Is it just in the photo or do they look a little crumbly?

I also noted that soapcal came up with 15.2 ounces of water and you used 12 fluid ounces. (liquids shouldn't be measured in terms of fluid amounts they also need to be weighed in grams or ounces when measuring.)

Do let us know how they turn out when you use them?
But they do have a pretty color.
Thanks for the feedback! That's really helpful.

It was mostly because I needed my olive oil for cooking the rest of the month :lol: I wasn't quite sure what numbers I was going for in the soap calc thing either, so I'll be sure to keep those ones in mind. In looking at the 'goal' vs mine... mine are kind of opposite. Oops

I think it's just the picture, they're not crumbly

Do you have ideas of fairly inexpensive oils I can use to get my conditioning up? I was trying for a kinda hard bar because I hate it when soap dissolves in like a week, ya know? But I'm totally new at this

Thanks for the help!

ETA: This is my second batch of soap, my last one was a couple years ago and I think was 100% lard with a little honey in it :?: So I'm totally new. :)
check here for what I wrote on how to use soapcal. ... highlight=

On that link you will find a basic recipe i used as my example of all oils you can buy at wal-mart or your grocery store. The oils being crisco, lard, olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil. (the castor oil can be found in the laxative section. I actually found it cheaper in the health and beauty section of my grocery store. :D )

Hope that helps you out some. And do keep posting there is some great info here to be learned by others. I share when I can and learn when i can.
very nice you did good! They look almost exactly like my first CP!. Gonna be a hard bar but will lather in sea water.
Cara, I really do think you need to dunk one in some gravy and try it!! Let us know how it turns out!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I hope you know that I am just teasing you. I think you did good!! 8)