My piping separate from the entire loaf

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Feb 20, 2016
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Hi, first of all sorry for my english. I made 100 soaps for a wedding and to try be more efective, i make the 4 loaf and later (1 or two days)make the piping. So the piping does not stick in the loaf of soap.. i already read that this happens when is not inmediate the piping ( never again!) But i need to save the 100 units of soap. I read that if i sumergethe bottom of the parts in m&p and put together, will stick... the cp soaps are not dry yet... my questions are: this m&p glue really work? I have to wait until the 2 sides dries completly? Any other ideas or solutions? Thank you very much for your help !!
I am really sorry no one helped you with this. I think you have to do them just about the same time.

I make embeds the day before to put into my soap and I wipe them down with water before I put them in the batter. Not sure if that was necessary but it worked but they were totally immersed in the batter.
It's certainly easier to get it to stick if piping right away. I've not done it on a loaf though. I have done it when making cupcake soaps. However, if I did try I would scratch up the top and then spray with some alcohol before piping. Since you've already done it and need it to stick I would try some MP between it. I would probably wait till they've had a full cure before doing it. Maybe someone else will pipe that has tried it with a loaf.
Thanks so much for your help. The solution i used was sumerged the two sides (bottom of the pipping and up of the soap) in transparent melt and pour and stick perfect! This is the result: