My first GM soap. I am so proud!

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Sep 2, 2007
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Well, here it is: TA DA! My very first batch of GM, made with fresh milk, OO.CO,PO,silk and castor. No scent, no color. I did this all at RT and I did not gel. It came out very white. Oh, forgot, also added colloidal oatmeal to a bit of the oils while they were still warm and then added just after emulsion. I think I am hooked on gm! I am off to try a batch with lard and jojoba! ... ilkwz3.jpg
Wait......wait.......let me get my sunglasses on........WOW!!!!!! Those are beautiful!!!! :D

Very nice, indeed! Once you used GM, it's hard not to continue using it! I don't regret that I have never made a batch of soap in 4 years without it! :D
Ok, guys: here is how I got them so white (or at least, this is how I THINK I got them so white!!). I have to say that I was surprised at the color. I was expecting a beige or tan or something...I used OO (grade A), PO and CO. a little silk and a smidge of castor. I used distilled water. No color, no scent at all. I soaped RT, then I rushed the mold into the freezer for about 2 hours to stop gel, then the freezer for about 12 hours. I divided my liquid into 2 parts. I dissolved the lye into the water and later, added the other half which was fresh GM at just past emulsion. I also added two tbs of colloildal oatmeal at light trace which was definitely kinda tan. I was as surprised as anyone that this soap turned out so white!! Today, I made a second batch, almost identical...but with jojoba oil....and it is creamy light yellow!!! Both times, my GM was cold, but not frozen and both times I wisked the mold into the freezer. I probably will never be able to duplicate this color!!LOL!
sorry: meant to say that I put the mold in the freezer for 2 hours, THEN put it in the fridge for 12 hours!
I'm from Missouri, so I have to be shown. Did you just put the mold itself in the freezer for two hours, just to get it icy cold, or did you put it in the freezer after pouring the batter into it? This probably sounds dumb to some of you, but I always make things harder than it actually is.
Oh Jean, I am like you!! I like to have things really explained well...sorry!
I was a little vague about this freezer thing. I soaped with all my ingredients at room temperature, except for the goat milk...which I forgot to take out of the fridge in time to get it up to RT. I don't know if this made any difference at all. The mold I used was one of those kelsie slab molds. It is some kind of plastic. I am going to post a picture of it with my next batch of GM in it. AFTER I poured the mixture into this mold, I covered it with saran wrap, which does not fit down onto the soap surface because of two screws that stick up on either side of the mold. I placed this into the freezer for about 2 hours to stop gel. I did not want to get gel on my first time out with GM. Then, I moved the mold down to the fridge section for over night. I let the mold come to room temperature before pulling the dividers out and unmolding. By the way, I have a heck of a time getting the dividers out so I let my DH do that part for me! Makes him feel part of the process :lol:
Here is the picture of my second batch of GM still in the kelsie mold. It is out of the fridge and has come to room temperature. I will probably leave it in the mold until tomorrow morning as this batch was made with lard instead of PO and also some jojoba oil. The jojoba was quite yellow! The soap is a little soft as my lard soaps often are and also I did not gel this and my ungelled soaps sometimes need a bit more time to harden up. I could get this out now but I can dent some of the bars in trying to slide them off the dividers so I might just as well wait another day. After all, it is not like I can use this soap right away. :D
Looking yummy, ReallyRita!!!!

You motivated me to try again, this time using fresh (as fresh as store bought) goat milk. Mine is in the freezer now. It is a chillin'. :lol: I used Basil & Nectarine from BC with green & orange POP colors.

Wow! That sounds cool! Hope you will post a picture. I have a little bit gm left...I'm going to make a scented and colored batch today....but nothing as exciting as yours!
Those pop colors intrigue me....I have hardly done anything in the color dept. yet!!

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