My first Etsy order.

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Jan 4, 2008
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Midwest, USA
At like midnight (Pacific) I got my first order on Etsy! w00t!!!

When I was listing items, I have free shipping this month unless you buy wax melts which are buy one get one free....Some how I messed up my wording and there was a mis communication and anyway, I thought "Crap! I already messed up my first sell here!" I e-mailed her pretty much saying it was my fault and all is well! I told her I was new and to bare with me.

I swear everyone I have talked to on Etsy is so nice!! Not even that, but it feels like a community. I have done barter and trade with a few people.

The reason I got out of Ebay (a long time ago) is because it felt like a place people just got rid of junk (NO offense if you sell on Ebay!!!!) On Etsy, I cross the same buyers/ and sellers every now and then and *wave*. I keep track of what people are making, watching how they develope their skills...

Anyway. I'm all excited :oops: Heehee

OH! And I made "Fresh Baked Bread" Wax melts today and I am SOOOOOOOO hungry!!!
Lane your ETSY store looks great! I love the Icy water soap! Makes me want to order .. And I have enough soap to last me 5 years..LOL
See how that works, 1 sale spurs a second sale, just keep it going cause if you get stuck in a rut it's hard to get out.
Congratulations on your sales, Lane. The Turkish Mocha sounds yummy! but it's hard to see it. Just a suggestion--don't hide your wonderful products behind your tags and labels. Show some skin :wink:

Thanks everyone!

@ holmescraft- I am trying to "show some skin" with my pictures, but for some reason the darn Turkish Mocha is being a PAIN to photograph...Hmmm...I think because the back round is dark, it doesnt want to work with the dark soap....

@ Neil- I know what you mean...I see some of other Soapers stuff and I just want to buy it! For some reason there is appeal in buying something I DIDN"T have to bust my butt to make! :lol:

@Tab- You are 100% right! And thanks for all of your advice! In only five days, I have sold 19 more items and had custom orders!! I can't wait for Feb. to be over because my Free Shipping is KILLING me!! :oops:

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