my farm made goats milk & lard

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Sep 26, 2008
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This is my first soap picture here. :) We have a small farm and I have been making soap for years. But this is my first year making goats milk soap. Always made coconut milk and cows milk. We also raise our own pigs and make our own lard. So today I have to make some GM soap since my lye came in. So here is the first of many many future batches. Rosemary & Mint.
I got into soapmaking because I loved the idea of being able to control every ingredient that went into the soap that I made and used. To actually raise the goats that you get the goat's milk from to make your wonderful is that? You'll really enjoy using that soap!
I haven't used goat fat. Goats are very lean and we usually have the processor mix in beef fat when we have one ground into burger. That would be a true goat soap though.

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