Mixing soap recipies in "confetti" soap?

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May 28, 2015
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This may sound a tad weird, but is there any possible issues with grating up one recipe and using it as confetti in a totally different recipe?

Some of you may remember my accidental 20% SF soap (that wasn't 100% coconut) here .
Basically, I messed up and miscalculated. It finally hardened up, but blehhhh!! Hardly any lather (as I'd expect) and slimy like a castile (sorry castile lovers) and takes forever to dry after using and it has a weird shiny look. I mean, it works...but bleh. Pretty blue color though so I don't want to throw it out...

So, I'm considering grating that batch up and making up a batch of coconut/lard soap and using the oops batch as confetti. My thought process is, make the "body" soap a low superfat and let the confetti soap take care of the SF part...so maybe 1% SF on on the body soap...and do 2x the body soap as I have shavings of.

I know I'm at higher risk for DOS in the confetti soap, so I'm not going to give this as gifts-it'll just be for me. But, will this idea work? Or will the two recipes just not meld together and I'll get crumble soap?
Yipeeee :)! I guess the same principle works for embeds, I can do the embeds in one recipe (my 100% coconut gets nice and hard fast) and embed in another ? :)

BTW Obsidian, your avatar when I just glance looks like a lady's back with tatoos on the shoulders....yes I'm odd...very pretty !
I recently posted asking pretty much the same question, here's the link, people were v. helpful. Also, I tried the technique Mintle suggested, it came out v. nicely, I think I will always do some variation of this w/confetti from now on. It might be just the thing for re-using the brown soaps from your other thread ...

The search goblins don't like me today, because that thread didn't come up on a search....drat! Did you try it out? Any issues? Trying to figure out how to dunk the shreds, they're pretty fine...unless I chop instead of grating...

The brown soaps are entire bars...which is the gifting issue LOL.
Will try the confetti idea with my overfatted soap this week...my hands are tired of grating! I love this board :)
That's weird. I just clicked on it and it was fine, maybe just a momentary thing? Try it again and see. It did work out perfectly for me, which was great. But you were right (can't remember if it was here or the other thread) that grating creates a LOT of confetti. Just in case the gremlins are still in residence, here's the direct link to mintle's confetti strategy recommendation: https://thesoapmine.wordpress.com/tag/confetti/

Also, if you can (especially if you have Prime) check out this salad shooter. It makes shredding soap so easy, plus I just used it to shred up a bunch of potatoes for a recipe. I love that thing. I have too many small appliances bought on a whim which take up space for no reason, this is not one of them.

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The deed is done.... I had a 2:1 ratio by weight but that is def. not by volume! Looks more like 1:1 by volume. Well, these are for me so we'll see (haha that rhymes). And ewwww the 20% sf soap was mush towards the middle. The lone bar I kept (for prosperity) is going to take a year to harden I think LOL. They ended up being so soft I didn't bother trying to dunk or spray them. Had to resist the temptation to mush the shavings around like playdough!

First time using my silicon loaf mold and my plexi loaf mold (from Michaels), curious to see how they come out. Lined the plexi with freezer paper so am hoping for the best.

Now I'm curious if being imbedded in a very low sf soap will slow down the development of DOS. I did see a danger spot on one bar as I was grating, yellowish dot, cut around it and tossed the spot out.

not_ally, I may seriously consider that salad shooter, if only because I'm coming to like the look of the rebatched soap I've been doing in the microwave. I keep telling myself after Christmas I have enough soap and don't need to make more buuuuttttttt..... The reviews say its loud, how loud is loud? Scare the cat loud or scare the deaf dog loud? hrmmmmmmm

susie, medium thick trace is what my thin trace turns into as I'm pouring...everytime... fast moving recipe or its the heat here (88 in the garage where I'm working). I barely melt the lard and the coconut is already liquid, lye is cooled down to warm to the touch (the outside of the pitcher). Next stop, the freezer LOL
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More like scare the cat loud, I think. I don't know if this is a good measure, but my dog barks when I use the big Cuisinart food processor, but seems to be ok w/this thing :) Also, I live in an apt, and am not afraid to wake the neighbors when I use it early or late.

If the shavings are too mushy, maybe you can spread them out and dry them up a little before you use them? Although it seems from the comments that moister shavings are actually better able to meld with the new batter, some folks recommended adding water with older /dryer shavings.

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