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I am looking for a Mimosa FO, I see that FNWL carries it, but they are fresh out.

Does anyone know about any? along with Mimosa Wax?

They are in Canada, I think that's correct!

I did find it at 3 or 4 places using FOF this evening. I'll look again.....

Paul.... :wink:
Here you are as cut from FOF;


Mimosa From Nature With Love

Mimosa K & W Specialties Ltd. "Mimosa is a tree native to Australia, also known as the Silver Wattle tree. Mimosa fragrance is somewhat like lilacs, but more heady."

Mimosa Garden Eastward, A "Sweet floral nuances of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and African violets."

Mimosa Breeze Day-Star Candle & Soap Supplies "A very complex, exotic and soft feminine-floral scent with hints of warm jasmine, rosewood, musk and cedarwood."

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