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Feb 28, 2008
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Melbourne Australia

I have been wanting to use micas in CP soap but just not to sure if they can be used as a colourant throughout the soap or just to be used as a dusting feature on top.
Looking at different suppliers I have noticed that their is quiet a variety of colour range.
Could anyone who has some knowledge of this help me out with some advice.
Kind Regards
yes you can use them both for swirls and coloring the whole soap. but they have to be lye stable. some are and some aren't. check with the supplier you purchased them from. course like anything else if you do hot process and add after the cook i don't think they are effected and might work but for that i'm not sure.

if you google mica's in cold process soap there should be some charts showing what some colors end up looking like.

i understand the pigment lady who sold micas since time began is closing up her business but there are other suppliers out there that have them.

here's what i've used in cp with success

from between friends too
baby bluze mica ( depending on how much you use and your olive content anything from baby blue to mint green)
gold mica
lilac purple.

sage green from the pigment lady turned steel gray in cold process soap.

i've noticed different suppliers use different names for the same mica so you have ask questions. i used to be afraid to call and ask about stuff like this but now i fiqure that's their business and if they want to make a sale then they need to spend a minute or two with me.


Thankyou Barb

Thats good to know that you can use some of them in CP soap.
You have given me some great information here on the topic, and you are right, I think in future, I will ask suppliers with more information on the product.
I will take your advice and do a lot more research on Google on which type I can feel confortable to use.

Thanks so much.

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