melting beeswax and coco butter in small amounts

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Sep 2, 2007
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I have only been making CP for two months now. I stick with one pound or two pound amounts as I just do this for fun and we will soon be overrun with soap....well...we are already. I want to start experimenting with either beeswax or sometimes coco butter. Both of my little supplies of these are solid chunks. What is the best way to melt either of them in really tiny amounts such as would go into a 1 lb. receipe? I have a double boiler but it is not small. Can you zap them real quick in the microwave? Would adding them to the warm oils be enough heat to melt little hard bits of this stuff?
Yes, you can zap them in the microwave or you could make a smaller double boiler using a small pan/pot of water and a small recycled vegetable can.
I melt everything in a Presto Pot on a "warm" setting. It is teflon lined and works great. I stir with a silicone spoonula. Hey, by the way, I want to mention to you ReallyRita, your TOG order is ready to ship Monday or Wednesday at the latest! Thanks! I will send a tracking number from USPS when I ship it!

Paul.... :wink:
Thank you both for the tips! And Paul, thanks for the update on my order. Tomorrow I begin soaping again....everything put away for the holidays. i am looking forward to getting my toys!
What I do is melt all my my beeswax and my cocoa butter in one large melting session. Then I take those paper muffin cups (they usually come in packs of 50 or more) and fill each one with beeswax or cocoa butter, let them set up, and store them in a big tupperware container until needed. Each cup holds 1-3 oz, depending on the size of the cup. Cocoa Butter takes forever to set up but if you use a tray to pour then just pop the tray in your freezer for 30 minutes and it sets up nice and hard. I also use ice trays too, but be careful, because really hot beeswax can melt right through them.

When I need beeswax or cocoa butter, I just take a few "muffins" peel the paper off, weigh out what I need (sometimes I have to cut them in half, etc) and I am good to go. Save you time in the long run.

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