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Mar 1, 2016
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Hey all!
I'm thinking about melt and pour additives, and what is or is not possible to add to melt and pour.
So far I've come up with the following:

All liquids including colourants, liquid oils, FO and EO are to be 4-6 % total.
Butters: 1%
Exfoliants: 1%

I'm wondering with butters, if I am using soft butters like coffee butter and shea butter, should I consider that as part of the liquid oils as well since they are somewhat inbetween as opposed to cocoa butter which is hard? What about jojoba oil which can become hard when cool? How would you treat honey which can be either a liquid or a sticky solid?

What percentage of exfoliants do you like to add?

For a 42 ounce mold I would have 2% fragrance, 2% liquid oil, 1% butter and 1% other additive.

Brambleberry suggests between 1-3 percent fragrance, while I believe WSP says it can be as high as 5%.

I'm curious where things like powdered goat's milk, cucumber powder, and powdered herbs would fall. Also if anyone uses Tamanu oil or rice bran oil.

I just saw a video where the person added a multi lotion base to their melt and pour that's really got me interested.

SHAVE MELT AND POUR: What kinds of things can you add to this? I know bentonite clay and kaolin add slip, and I've had requests to had aloe vera extract and I've got chamomile extract too.

Is adding synthetic vitamin E oil to a melt and pour worth it?
Can you add things like evening primrose, calendula extract?

OH I ALMOST FORGOT- I read somewhere that the base type effects what additives can be used. Have you heard of this?

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