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Sep 25, 2007
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I've developed about 18 recipes for melt-and-pour soaps..and my co-workers love them. (I've made about $150 over the last three months!)

But one problem I've noticed. The scents sometimes do not last very long. Is there anyway...any additive that will preserve the scents. I use both fragrance and essential oils.

Any suggestions?
I agree...

I agree with Irena- you need to weigh your ingredients or use better quality oils or more of it but be careful don't use too much!
It's hard to say without knowing how much you put in- Congrats on your business at work- that's awesome! :lol:
I don't know much about M&P, Tab anf Dranonfly would be a good source for info. I use Patchouli Oil to help ancor my scents in CP soap. There are clays that help too.

Hmm.. essential oils are volatile, and will dissipate quickly- maybe wrapping them after they are dry- that helps with mine. The ones that i leave unwrapped lost their scent quicker.
I've been making mp for several years now and have never had a problem with scents sticking. I only add 1/2 oz pp. Essential oils I only add a few drops and they last a long while no matter how many times I wash with it.