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May 23, 2008
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Hi all

I just had an excellent experience with MMS & wanted to come here & share it.

I had put in a $50 order with them & received it last week (very quick shipping, too). One item was missing from the order, an inexpensive pack of pipettes for $1. At first I thought I would just let it go, but then thought, if I was the owner of a business, I would want to know about it. So I called. The girl who answered the phone was very polite, and very professional. She took all my info, asked a few questions, and then gave me a choice of them mailing the pipettes to me, or getting an in-store credit. I chose to have them mailed. She apologized for this having happened, and the whole call took about 3 minutes.

I was very impressed, and will definitely do business with them, & I will definitely tell my friends! :)
I love MMS. I called to ask a question about one of the products and the customer service rep gave me such great tips on my original question as well as a few other items.

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