Lye calc apps?

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Jul 8, 2015
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There are 7 people in my home and one computer. Sometimes I have to fight to get time on it! I have a Samsung Note 4 and use it basically as a mini computer.

Any recommendations on soap calc apps? There are several out there...

I would actually recommend Soapee. Its a new browser based soap calculator that works perfectly on mobile devices! I really like it and the person who is designing it is actually updating it as we give recommendations on SMF.

There are a few other ones like saponify from the app store but they really don't work all that well. I would highly recommend you check out soapee.
I agree with galaxy - go for

I'm on a kindle fire and it works perfectly. It loads fast, doesn't bog down, and there are no complicated graphics and whiz bang nonsense that many sites have, so it's very mobile friendly. Plus you can save recipes, share them or keep private, add notes to recipes, and add friends to your profile for sharing. Very nice tool.