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Feb 18, 2008
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After ten years of making soap, and using it, I think I have developed a reaction to Coconut Oil. I have pretty much weeded out the fragrance oils. I have been searching today for a good recipe without coconut oil, but have not found any yet. I am sure this has been on a thread in the past, but I didn't have any luck finding it.
Does someone have a good one they wouldn't mind sharing with me?
Thanks, Jean
You're in luck! Palm kernel oil is almost a perfect substitute for coconut oil. Both are high in hardness, cleansing, and bubbly lather. Each is almost unique from the other popular base oils in that they are high in lauric (fatty acid). They are also both have a significant amount of myristic and minor amounts of oleic and palmitic. In fact I bet you won't even be able to tell the difference. :)

Just make your old CO recipes but use PKO instead. Note that they have significantly different SAP values so you must adjust your lye accordingly.

EDIT: added warning about lye adjustment
Jean, I starting to use all PKO in place of CO. Did you use that PKO you bought off me? I can formulate a recipe for you if you want.

Yes, Paul, I have used some of the PKO I got from you. I used it in a batch of whipped soap I made and it really turned out nice. I also made a batch of soap from the recipe you gave me that has eight oils in it. It turned out very nice also. Yes, that would be nice if you could figure me out a recipe.
Thanks, Jean
Hey Paul, are you working on my recipe?
Hi Paul,
I have Rice Bran Oil, Conola Oil, Olive Oil, Safflower Oil, Castor Oil, Lard and Crisco and of course the Palm Kernel Oil. This is just what I have on hand at the present time. I certainly am hoping I have not developed an allergy to coconut oil. I have a 50 lb. pail and have used very little out of it. No big hurry, was just bored the last couple days and looking for something to do. This weather has just about got me down. If it doesn't stop raining here pretty soon I may just go nuts!
Thanks, Jean

Same here, the rain stayed most of the day today. :( Missouri is very wet. This has been strange weather this past winter until now. :?

I'm on your recipe right now..... :)

Winter??? It's summer here in LA. I wish I could send you some of my summer. The rains you'd reply with would be a refreshing change. :)
Jean give this recipe a try;


The numbers;


Looks like a pretty balanced recipe. Has moderate Oleic Acid (31) and Linoleic Acid at 18. :)

Thanks for the recipe Paul. I'll let you know how it turns out.
I like Babassu too and find it a tad more bubbly in SOME of my recipes. Using PKO and Babassu requires castor to get a nice lather. At least I haven't had any luck without it.
I like Babassu too, Marr. :) I have abut 3/4 of a gallon left. I have tried it a few times, and it seems at least as good as PKO. Thanks, I need to break it out and play some more with it. :wink:

Paul :wink:
I am so proud of this soap. I just had to share. I sure hope it retains it's color. Paul, I used the recipe you formulated for me above. Thank you so much. As far as the other oil that Marr posted, I don't know where to get that. I will have to research that one and will give it a try. This is the soap without CO and fragrance oil. I know some people are sensitive to all that.

Thanks again to all who posted.

I just have to include a picture!

Oooooooohhhhh.............how beautiful!!! I love the little hearts.

Those are some of the lovliest soaps I've ever seen....

I heart them :)

Would you mind sharing how you get "heart" swirls???

Do you use a slap mold? I'm thinking there's no way you could do this in a log....

or is there? :shock:
No, I don't mind sharing how I made the hearts. I used a teaspoon and dropped little dabs of white soap (about the size of a dime or so) up and down and across, do not let the dots touch. Then, using the handle of the spoon I dragged through the dots beginning at the upper left corner, going through each dot, to the lower left corner of my slab mold.
Here is a picture after I put the dividers in my mold. This mold makes 12 bars of soap.