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Sep 12, 2007
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I am curious. Does anyone here make liquid soap? It seems everyone makes hard (for the lack of a better term) soaps (whether it is MP, CP, or HP). Is there a reason liquid soap making is not popular at all?

You obviously can't be as creative with liquids as there is no swirling or pretty textures and chunks of additives.

Is it too much of a pain?

Is it because liquid soap tends to be thin and watery vs gel like as commercial liquid soaps and body gel? Or can liquid soaps be made to be thicker?

Is it because liquid soaps aren't superfatted? or can they be?

Any feedback or insight on the subject?
I made my first batch of liquid soap today and I enjoyed it. I followed part of the tutorial listed above and the tut. on I did everything in the crockpot. (I am lazy) I cooked my soap last night, let it set and gel overnight. This morning I added my water and waited for the paste to disolve. (keep the crockpot on) I didn't have any volcano's or foam. It may just be beginner's luck. I will do this again. Also, I used recipe from Failor's Liquid soap book and her suggestions on diluting and neutralizing

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