I just want to make a liquid 100% Soy Soap

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Mar 10, 2024
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I've looked on Youtube and can't find a simple 100% Soy Liquid Soap recipe - I would like it to be close to zero fat as possible. From using soapcalc dot net and the one recipe I found online I used this formula. I have nearly 4 gallons of vegetable glycerin from other projects so this is the formula I used.
Should be zero fat recipe:
Vegetable Glycerin - 18.24 oz
90% Potassium Lye - 6.54 oz
New Soy Oil - 48 oz. (I have 5 gallons)
Citric Acid - 14 grams
Sodium Citrate - 14 grams
Extra Lye (for citric acid and sodium citrate) - 15.9 grams
I also have a large standing homgenizing mixer that I use, that I have from lotion making. I have special ingredients and extracts to add later if I could get the basic liquid soap right.

It doesn't need to be fancy can someone give me a simple zero fat recipe for soy soap. I use soy because soy oil is cheap $35 for 5 gallons or less. I would pay someone to give me a simple recipe that I could use to make soap. I hate that on Youtube everyone is making soaps with rice oil and borage oil that no one has even heard of then saying it is a simple way to make soap instead of using the cheapest soy (or corn) since you will probably mess us the first time. They should start with cheap oils people have for beginning soap making.


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Good job figuring out SoapCalc to create the recipe you wanted! We’d love to see a picture of your LS.

Since you are new here, it would be great if you headed over to the introduction forum to tell us a bit about you and your soapy experience level. :)

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