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Dec 21, 2006
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I thought it might be interesting to see how far our little soapmaking forum's goodies travel. Each time you ship a package to a country other than your own, post it here. Copy & paste the list from the person above you & just keep adding to it. Let's see how far those babies travel!

Today I shipped to:

Canada (Beaconsfield, Quebec )
Ireland (Belfast, Antrim )
Italy (Cognol Trenton TN)

ETA: Let's not go back in time, let's begin the list from today.
I would love to, but haven't shipped in the last week. The farthest I have shipped would be Norway though.

Great game!
Canada (Beaconsfield, Quebec )
Ireland (Belfast, Antrim )
Italy (Cognol Trenton TN)
Groningen, The Netherlands
Rouen, France

I added the dates because I only saw this post today..so I had to travel back in time a bit... :D
Do you ship daily Lane? Shipping is my downfall. Once a week is about aveage for me.
I Try to ship the same day I get an order. Buuut... I don't drive, which means my hubby has to drive half an hour home after work to drive my packages literally, less than a mile away, to the post office. :oops: Since gas is costing soooo much right now, I (Well...he) has been shipping, Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Of course...that is if I get any orders! Sales have been fluctuating like CRAZY these past weeks...
I USE to ship every day...but now that so many of my products can be customized with a variety of about twenty scents... I usually have to ship the next day... I've gotten an order for ten bars of the same MP soap and I only had ONE mold for that certain shape...Took me Alllll day to finish the order...

I get the most positive feedback about my quick shipping... I figure if I ship it sooner, I can just ship it First class which has saved me a couple dollars here and there.

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