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Jun 13, 2022
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Hello! I feel like I’ve been making so many mistakes lately but today’s hiccup was forgetting to add my castor oil. Will there be a problem with the soap? Here is my recipe...

920g total oil batch
Super fat 5%
33% Lye Concentration

OO 35%
Coconut Oil 30%
Shea Butter 20%
Cocoa Butter 10%
Castor Oil 5%
2 tsp Kaolin Clay
1. Reconstruct your original recipe, exactly as written WITH the castor oil. Write down the NaOH weight for this original "with castor" recipe.

2. Remove the castor oil from the recipe and recalculate the NaOH weight for this "without castor" version. It should be lower.

3. Without changing anything else, reduce the superfat percentage gradually until this "without castor" recipe has the same NaOH weight as the "with castor" version. That is the superfat in your actual batch of soap.

4. What do you think?
Also keep in mind most soap recipe c@lculators assume NaOH is 100% pure, but in reality the purity is usually in the range of 92-97%. This builds in a "hidden" extra superfat that most soap makers don't account for. This will add a bit more cushion to your superfat that you might not be aware of.

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